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Robin – The Fire

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robin-the-fire-seinfeldPlayed by: Melanie Chartoff

Appears in: The Fire

George is dating Robin, a single woman who has a young son. While attending her son’s birthday party, George can’t get over the fact that “Eric the Clown” doesn’t know who Bozo is. Later, George panics when a small fire breaks out in the kitchen and he runs out the front door, pushing down children, a senior citizen, and Eric the clown in the process, leaving them all behind. Eric apparently saved the day by putting out the fire with one of his big shoes.


Robin Quotes:

Robin: Do you think 25 kids is too much?
George: 25 kids for his birthday party? (to kid under table) Don’t put your tongue on the floor! He’s putting his tongue on the floor! Here, here, have some more sugar packets. (tosses some Equal packets under the table)
Robin: So, what about entertainment? (to kid) Should I get Barney?
Kid: No Barney!
Robin: Maybe a clown.
George: How about Bozo?
Kid: Who’s Bozo?
George: Who’s Bozo? Bozo the Clown, that’s who Bozo is. When I was a kid, Bozo the Clown was the clown, bar none.
Robin: George…
George: With the orange hair, and the big clown shirt with the ruffles…
Robin: George…
George: He had a TV show! He had cartoons!
Robin: George! Forget Bozo, George. Bozo’s out. He’s finished. It’s over for Bozo.


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