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Sandi Robbins – The Pilot

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Played by: Elena Wohl

Appears in The Pilot

Sandi is an actress who was hired to play Elaine in the Jerry pilot. To better understand the character she wants Jerry to treat her exactly as he treated Elaine. She fools herself into thinking that she and Jerry are dating, and when he rejects her advances, she thinks he is breaking up with her to which Jerry is indifferent.

Sandi Robbins Quotes:

Sandi: So, the Elaine character is based on someone you know.
Jerry: Yes.
Sandi: And she’s really your ex-girlfriend?
Jerry: Uh, Huh, yeah.
Sandi: I want to get to know her from the inside. What is she like? Tell me about her.
Jerry: Well, she’s fascinated with Greenland. She enjoys teasing animals, banlon, and seeing people running for their lives. She loves throwing garbage out the window, yet she’s extremely dainty.
Sandi: How would she eat a hamburger?
Jerry: With her hands.
Sandi: What about pasta?
Jerry: Also with her hands.
Sandi: Seriously… I want to experience everything she’s experienced.
Jerry: Everything?
Sandi: Everything.
Jerry: All right she cuts her pasta with a knife.
Sandi: That’s good. What’s her favorite movie?
Jerry: Shaft.
Sandi: You got to get me a picture. What about sex?
Jerry: She likes talking during sex.
Sandi: Oh… dirty talking?
Jerry: No. Just chitchat, movies, current events, regular stuff. You know Sandi–
Sandi: Elaine.
Jerry: What?
Sandi: Call me Elaine.
Jerry: All right. Elaine.
Sandi: How does Elaine kiss?
Jerry: Well–
Sandi: Does she kiss… like this?
Jerry: Actually she has a thing where she spirals her tongue around, it’s like–
Sandi: Like this?
Jerry: I think you got it.

Sandi: What’s the matter?
Jerry: Nothing.
Sandi: You’re acting weird. Is anything wrong?
Jerry: No.
Sandi: Are you breaking up with me?
Jerry: Are we going out?
Sandi: You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you? (almost crying)
Jerry: Do you want me to break up with you?
Sandi: If that’s what you want.
Jerry: I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
Sandi: Fine. Break up with me.
Jerry: All right. We’re broken up.

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