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Sara – The Slicer

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Played by: Marcia Cross

Appears in The Slicer

After claiming that she saves lives as a dermatologist Jerry calls her “pimple popper MD”, forgetting about skin cancer.

Sara Quotes:

Sara: I enjoy the challenge of medicine. Naturally you have no idea what it’s like to have someone’s life depending on you.
Jerry: Well, I have this neighbor…
Sara: A joke. Do you have any idea how it feels like to save someone’s life?
Jerry: Is it anything like hitting a home run in softball?
Sara: No.
Jerry: Cause I hit a whopper last week!
Sara: Restaurant, flowers…this is so nice.
Jerry: Well, I’m a classy guy. How’s the life saving business?
Sara: It’s fine.
Jerry: It must take a really really big zit, to kill a man!
Sara: What is with you?
Jerry: You call yourself a lifesaver. I call you pimple popper MD!
[A man comes to the table.] Parry: Dr. Sitarides?
Sara: Mr. Parry, how are you?
Parry: I just wanted to thank you again for saving my life.
Jerry: She saved your life?
Parry: I had skin cancer.
Jerry: Skin cancer! Damn.

Jerry: So again, I’m sorry. I had no right to yell at you, you’re a life saving doctor and I’m just a comedian…
Sara: Jerry, enough. I’ll do your friend’s cancer screening, because I believe in that, but as far as you and I are concerned; it’s off.
Jerry: Was it pimple popper MD?
Sara: That’s the one.
Jerry: Still got it.

George: I just talked to Mr. Kruger, he’ll be down in a minute. He wanted me to take a photograph for the record.
Sara: What record?
George: His personal file, I, I don’t ask…
[Jerry and Kramer walk in.] Sara: Jerry? What brings you here?
Jerry: I don’t know, this?
Sara: Looks like hives.
Jerry: Where do you suppose that could’ve come from?
George: Jerry, what are you doing…
Kramer: He is just setting the record straight.
Jerry: Come on Sitarides, cop to it. What brand of perverted science do you practice?
Sara: Are you suggesting I somehow I infected you on purpose?
Jerry: I want the antidote, pimple popper!
Sara: That’s it, I’m out of here! You’re insane.
Jerry: Am I? You touched my face. I didn’t imagine that!

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