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Sasha – The Conversion

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Played by: Jana Marie Hupp

Appears in: The Conversion

George is upset about losing his girlfriend Sasha because she is Latvian Orthodox and is only allowed to date Latvian Orthodox men. Elaine suggests that George convert for Sasha, which George thinks is a great idea, comparing it to Edward VIII. Instead of studying for his conversion test, George decides to cheat by writing the answers on his hand and ends up passing. When George tell Sasha that he converted for her, she tells him that she is moving to Latvia to live with some relatives for a year.

Sasha Quotes:

Sasha: Twenty five dollars.
George: Yes, well, you know, I’m not thinking about the price. You know you’re the only woman I’ve never thought about the price. Get the lobster. I beg you to get the lobster. Go for the lobster.
Sasha: George, George, uh, I think we have to talk. I think we have a problem.
George: We do?
Sasha: We can’t keep seeing each other.
George: Why?
Sasha: (crying) Because it’s over. It’s my parents, the differences in our religion. Oh George, can you ever forgive me?
Waiter: Uh, have you decided yet?
Sasha: (crying) Yes. I’ll have the lobster.
George: Um, you know I’m starting to think that maybe lobster isn’t the way to go.


Sasha: For me?
George: Well I didn’t do it for my mother.
Sasha: I’m really flattered. But I just don’t feel ready to make a commitment yet. Maybe when I get back from Latvia.
George: Latvia?
Sasha: Yes. I’m going to stay with some relatives there for a year. Isn’t it great?
George: Enjoy, enjoy.
Sasha: Oh George, you are so sweet. Don’t ever change.
George: I’d like a doggie bag for this please.


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