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Sgt. Cathy Tierney – The Beard

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Played by: Katherine LaNasa

Appears in The Beard

Jerry dates a female Sergeant, Sgt. Cathy Tierny. While at the police station, Sgt. Cathy wants him to take the poly to see if he watches Melrose Place. George tells Jerry how to beat the lie detector test, saying “its not a lie, if you believe it.” Jerry takes the lie detector test, but cracks under the pressure of when questioned about the plot developments in Melrose Place.

Sgt. Cathy Tierney Quotes:

Jerry: What’s that?
Cathy: A polygraph. It’s what you civilians call a lie detector test.
Jerry: Oh. Let me ask you, when someone is lying, is it true that their pants are actually on fire?
Cathy: If I could tell you the famous faces that have been up here. A certain cast member of Melrose Place.
Jerry: Really.
Cathy: Have you ever seen the show?
Jerry: No.
Cathy: You can admit it Jerry. It’s okay.
Jerry: I admit it. I don’t watch it.
Cathy: Hey Lou, maybe we should put him on the poly.
Jerry: The poly?
Cathy: Yeah. I think you’ve seen it.

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