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Sheila – The Package

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Played by: Heather Campbell

Appears in: The Package

George discovers that Sheila, a clerk at the photo store, is looking at his pictures and thinks that she has stuck a revealing picture of herself in with his pictures. So Kramer convinces George to return the “compliment” by sending a seductive picture to Sheila, and offers to take the photos himself. When the plan backfires Sheila ends up breaking up with George.


Sheila Quotes:

George: So I really liked the pictures I picked up here yesterday.
Sheila: I am glad George
George: And here’s a roll that I think you may enjoy.
Sheila: Great.
George: Shall we say an hour.
Sheila: Hey Ron I got to go to lunch. Can you do a roll?
Ron: No problem.
Sheila: By the way. You know that model that is always in here. She’s missing one of her lingerie shots. Have you seen it?


Sheila: I don’t know where they could be.
George: Can’t find them. That’s marvelous. The dance continues.
Sheila: Well if I find them I’ll call you.
George: And maybe we could go out and do something.
Sheila: Sure.
Ron: Hello.
George: Hi.
Sheila: So the little guy finally asked me out.
Ron: Really?
Sheila: Hey I can’t find his photo’s anywhere.
Ron: Oh you know what happened . Some guy from the Post Office confiscated them. He left his card.
Sheila: Newman?


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