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Shelly – The Doodle

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Played by Dana Wheeler-Nicholson

Appears in The Doodle

Shelly and Jerry go out on a double date with George and his gal pal Paula. Jerry is disgusted when he finds out he is eating pecans that were in Shelly’s mouth, aka semi-digested food stuffs, aka the masticated pecan incident.

Shelly Quotes:

George: Oh! Dropped a napkin…(Whispers) Jerry!
Jerry: What?
George: What are you doing?…She had those nuts in her mouth , she just spit them out.
Jerry: OooH!!! You. you ate these? You sucked on these and put them on the plate?
Shelly: Well I didn’t know you were gonna eat them?
Jerry: Soo…
Shelly: I’m sorry you find me so repulsive?
Jerry: No ,no I don’t, I mean, Don’t be silly..
Shelly: Yeah!
Jerry: It’s just…
Shelly: Well, hem ,if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll just go to the ladies room.

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