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Sherry Becker – The Library

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Played by: Cynthia Szigeti

Appears in The Library

.Jerry’s doesn’t believe that he owes some money to the New York Public Library, so he looks up his old high school girlfriend, Sherry Becker. Jerry meets with her at the coffee shop and he finds out that his recollection of Sherry was a bit different than reality. For one, Sherry says she wore a purple dress, and not an orange dress as Jerry originally thought. Second, the book they read to each other was actually Tropic of Capricorn, not Tropic of Cancer.


Sherry Becker Quotes

Sherry Becker: Kevin went to a public school, he’s the 14 year old? We were gonna’ send Marsha to a private school. Cause in some way they don’t learn … enough … I think.
Jerry: So Sherry, what do you remember about that day at the library?
Sherry Becker: I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Friday afternoon. I wore a purple dress.
Jerry: Purple? Ya’ sure it wasn’t orange?
Sherry Becker: Positive. And I was chewin’ Dentyne. I always chewed dentyne. Remember Jerry? Dentyne?
Jerry: No Black Jack?
Sherry Becker: Licorice gum? Never! We were reading pasages to each other from that Henry Miller book,
Jerry: Tropic of Cancer.
Sherry Becker: No, Tropic of Capricorn
Jerry: Tropic of Capricorn?
Sherry Becker: Rememba? What holds the world togetha’ … “As I have learned from bitter experience is sexual intercourse .”
Jerry: Wait a second. Wait a second. You’re right. I had both of them.


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