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Stu Chermak – I Said Hello to Him. He Walked Right Past Me

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Stu Chermak is one of the two NBC execs that offer Jerry and George the opportunity to write a sitcom pilot for NBC.

Stu Chermak is played by Kevin Page.

Stu Chermak appears in:

The Pitch

Stu approaches Jerry after a set along with fellow NBC excec Jay Crespi. They ask Jerry to develop a sitcom pilot for NBC.


The Virgin

Stu appears in the office at NBC studios when Jerry and George go to pitch ideas for the pilot.


The Ticket

While meeting with Jerry and George about doing a pilot for NBC, Stu asks George for a copy of his off-broadway play “La Cocina”


The Pilot

Stu is at the office while they audition parts for the Jerry pilot.


The Butter Shave

Stu appears in this episode to offer Kenny Bania an opportunity to write a pilot for NBC based on his stand up. However, the actors are different, and he introduces himself as Stu Crespi.


The Finale

Stu appears in the final courtroom scene at the trial of Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine.


Stu Chermak quotes:

Russell: Look. I don’t know how you two guys feel but we would really like to be in business with you.
George: Well, we would like to be in business. Let’s do business. We’ll have some business. Let’s have business.
Jerry: We would love to be in business. We’ll do business. We’re in business. It’s… it’s business. This is business.
George: Yeah!
Stu: Would it be possible to get a-a-a copy of ‘La Cocina’?
Jerry: Your off-Broadway play.
George: Oh, oh. Uh, you know. It’s the damndest thing. I, uh, I moved recently and my files, pfff, disappeared. Now, I-I don’t know if they fell off the truck or if there was some sort of foul play but let me tell you something. I’m not through with that moving company.

Jay: Hi, Jay Crespi.
Jerry: Hello.
George: Uh, C-R-E-S-P-I?
Jay: That’s right.
George: I’m unbelievable at spelling last names. Give me a last name.
Jay: Mm, I’m not-
Jerry: George-
George:  Huh? All right, fine.
Stu: First of all, that was a terrific show.
Jerry: Oh thank you very much.
Stu: And basically, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been discussing you at some of our meetings and we’d be very interested in doing something.
Jerry: Really? Wow.
Stu: So, if you have any idea for like a TV show for yourself, well,  we’d just love to talk about it.
Jerry: I’d be very interested in something like that.
Stu: Well, here, uh, why don’t you give us a call and maybe we can develop a series.
Jerry: Okay. Great. Thanks.
Stu: It was very nice meeting you.
Jerry: Thank you.
Jay: Nice meeting you.
Jerry: Nice meeting you.

George: What do you think it is?
Jay:  It’s like a… white discoloration. (we understand now why a sitcom needs so many producers)
Casting Director: O.K. guys, are we ready to start?
Jerry: Yeah, where is Russell? I thought he was gonna be here.
Stu: Oh you know I don’t know. I saw him in the hall this morning, I said hello to him. He walked right past me.
Jay: He must be worried about the fall schedule.
Stu: Ah, it’s a real bear.
George: Yeah. So what’s going on? We’re gonna shoot the pilot and then it’s gonna be on TV the following week?
Stu: Yeah. Right.

George: What happened to the raisins?
Jay: Yeah, there was a box of raisins there!
George: Did he just steal the raisins?
Stu: You think he stole them?