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Tara – The Blood

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Played by: Audrey Kissel

Appears in: The Blood

George decides he needs to add food into his sex life when his girlfriend lights some vanilla-scented candles. However, Tara becomes upset when she discovers him eating a pastrami sandwich and watching a portable TV during foreplay. This later becomes a problem for George when he can’t eat anything without becoming aroused.


Tara Quotes:

George: What are you doing?
Tara: Incense, for the mood.
George: Oh yes, by no means, the mood. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to lend support to the mood.


George: So eh, what do you say?
Tara: I guess we could use some food in our lovemaking.
George: Ok, we got your…got your strawberries, your chocolate sauce, your pastrami on rye with mustard, your honey…
Tara: Wait wait wait, pastrami on rye with mustard?
George: Oh yeah yeah, don’t you know they used pastrami in that movie 9 weeks? Remember the pastrami scene?
Tara: No.
George: Well, maybe it was Ghostbusters? Where ever it was, it worked!


George: Oohoho…spicy mustard…woohoho, you’re hot tonight!
Tara: Oh, George!
George: And now for the trifecta. [Picks up a hand held TV and gets back under the covers.] Tara: George? George? What are you doing?!
George: Pleasuring you?


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