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Tawni – The Conversion

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Played by: Kimberley Campbell

Appears in The Conversion

While at his girlfriend Tawni’s, Jerry goes to the bathroom and looks in her medicine cabinet to find a tube of fungicide. Jerry asks Elaine if her boyfriend who is a doctor can look at the tube to determine what its for, learning that it is medication for her cat Whiskers.

Tawni Quotes:

Tawni: Hello.
Jerry: Oh hi.
Tawni: Are you going to be stopping by later?
Jerry: Yes, I’ll be stopping. See you later. (to Elaine) Well we can’t all be dating podiatrists.

Tawni: Oh that was nice. Have you always been such a good kisser?
Jerry: Oh I don’t know. Not always. No I uh I had to work at it. When I was a kid all the kids would be out playing, I would be up in my room practicing my kissing.
Tawni: Well it was worth it. Where are you going?
Jerry: To wash my hands. They’re sticky from the orange.
Tawni: Meet you back here?
Jerry: Right there.

Jerry: Oh hi.
Tawni: I just wanted to stop by and see how you were feeling.
Jerry: A little better.
Tawni: If you need anything let me know.
Jerry: Okay. All right bye.

Tawni: How are you doing in there?
Jerry: Fine all done, just looking for the soap.
(Jerry is looking around for the bottle of fungicide)
Tawni: No soap?
Jerry: No I don’t see it.
(Jerry finds the bottle of fungicide and picks it up. Jerry’s girlfriend enters the bathroom with soap. Hastily, Jerry puts the bottle of fungicide in his pocket)
Tawni: Here you go.

Tawni: Oh how you doing Jerry?
Jerry: Good. What’s the matter?
Tawni: I’m tired. I hardly slept last night with all this scratching. Bonkers was going crazy.
Jerry: Bonkers?
Tawni: My cat. He’s got this weird sort of skin condition. Some type of fungus, I couldn’t find his medicine.
Jerry: Oh it’s your cat!
Tawni: What?
Jerry: Ooh, nothing.

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