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Tina – The Truth

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tina-the-truth-seinfeldPlayed by: Siobhan Fallon

Appears in The Deal, The Truth, and The Opposite

Elaine gets tired of Kramer when he starts to date her roommate Tina. The kitchen is a mess, they play loud tribal music, and Kramer converted a car windshield into a coffee table for Tina as a gift. But the final straw comes when Kramer unknowingly walks into Elaine’s bedroom and sees her naked.

Tina Quotes:

Tina: Such a great improv class tonight.
Elaine: Oh really?
Tina: I had this improv where I pretended I was working in one of those booths. You know, in the amusement park, where you have to shoot the water in the clown’s mouth and you have to blow up the balloon.
Elaine: Uh, Tina? Could you excuse us for just one second?
Tina: Oh, yeah. I’ll excuse you.

Tina: Kramer, are you coming back to bed?
Kramer: Yeah, yeah, I’ll be right there baby.
Tina: Oh, hi Elaine. What did you think of the coffee table?
Elaine: It’s invisible.
Kramer: So, is everything cool? or what?
Tina: Yeah, you seem little bit dysfunctional.
Elaine: Well,
Tina: Come on Elaine. just tell us the truth.
Elaine: The Truth!, You want The Truth?

Tina: Hi Elaine.
Elaine : So, I haven’t seen you in a while.
Tina : Elaine, we have a problem.
Elaine : Well, what is it?
Tina : You’re getting kicked out.
Elaine : Kicked out?! Why?!
Tina : Well, there’s been a number of complaints.
Elaine : Yeah? Like what?
Tina : Well, like last Thanksgiving you buzzed up a jewel thief.
Elaine : I didn’t know who he was!
Tina : That’s why there’s a buzzer.
Elaine : What else?
Tina : Well, apparently, the week after that, you buzzed up some Jehova’s Witnesses and they couldn’t get them out of the building.

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