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Uncle Leo – Jerry! Hello!

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uncle-leo-1Uncle Leo is the eccentric brother of Jerry’s mother, Helen. Whenever he bumps into Jerry, he always greets him with an enthusiastic  “Hello!” Uncle Leo often catches Jerry when he is in a rush but he knows how it is because he has plenty of friends in show business. He often brags to Jerry about his son Jeffrey’s accomplishments working in the Parks Department.


Uncle Leo appears in:

The Pony Remark

Uncle Leo has a tendency to grab the person’s arm when he talks to people. Jerry jokes that this is because so many people have tried to escape in the middle of his conversations.

The Ticket

Jerry throws out a watch his parents gave to him because its can’t keep time and causes him to be late. He runs into Uncle Leo on the street who picks the watch out of the garbage after Jerry and George leave.

The Wallet

Jerry tries to give his father money when he loses his wallet, but Morty refuses to take money from his son. While trying to give his father the money in a new wallet, Morty throws the wallet in the garbage because the watch is made with velcro. Uncle Leo picks up the wallet out of the garbage along with the money.

The Watch

Jerry has dinner with his parents and Uncle Leo. When he learns that Leo picked up the watch he threw out in the garbage, he tries to buy the watch back.

The Glasses

Jerry thinks that his girlfriend Amy is cheating on him with his cousin Jeffery. To Jerry’s surprise, Uncle Leo appears in Jeffery’s apartment to give him Paul Simon tickets when trying to catch Amy in Jeffery in the same room.

The Wife

Leo is offended by Jerry when he learns that he got married without telling him. Turns out, Jerry is pretending that he is married so his girlfriend can get a discount at the dry cleaners

The Pledge Drive

Uncle Leo tells Jerry that his Nana is missing, even though she hasn’t left the apartment in twenty five years. Nana ends up being fine and she tries to donate $1,500 to PBS during Jerry’s pledge drive which causes Leo to interrupt the show, “She can’t do that, she’s on a very fixed income! Stop the show!”

The Kiss Hello

Jerry’s Nana calls him to come over and open up a bottle of ketchup at her apartment. When he arrives, Uncle Leo is also there. Confusing an incident from Leo’s childhood Nana asks if he gave $50 to Jerry’s mother. When Jerry tells his father about the story, Morty is furious and calculates the interest on $50 after 50 years. Later, Uncle Leo puts Nana in a nursing home to silence her from talking.

The Doodle

Jerry gets fleas from Newman while his parents are in town, luckily Elaine has a free room at the Plaza Hotel and agrees to let them stay there. Morty, Helen, Uncle Leo and Nana run up a huge bill using room service, pay-per-view movies, massages, and expensive food.

The Pen

Jerry visits his parents in Florida when his father is honored by the condo association. Uncle Leo attends the ceremony with his wife Stella who makes her only appearance  in this episode.

The Shower Head

Leo breaks up with a woman named Lydia, who laughs about his obsession with anti semitism from Jerry’s act, like accusing a cook of being antisemitic for overcooking his hamburger. “They don’t just overcook a hamburger, Jerry”

The Package

Leo receives a package that Jerry suspects could contain a bomb. Jerry encourages Leo to open the package over the phone, and hears a loud explosion when Leo opens the box. Leo was unharmed although he did lose his eyebrows in the explosion.

The Bookstore

Jerry confronts Uncle Leo in the act of shoplifting at a bookstore, to which Leo explains that all seniors steal and can blame it on dementia. Jerry gets Leo arrested while trying to give him a scare after Leo shoplifts again. Leo has a criminal record related to an earlier “crime of passion.”

The Finale

Uncle Leo appears with many other characters at the trial of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer


Uncle Leo quotes:

Leo: Jerry!
Jerry: Uncle Leo!
Leo: Helloooo!
Jerry: Hello there, how’re you doing?
Leo: Ha ha! How are you?
Jerry: Good, good.
Leo: How’s your mom and dad?
Jerry: Good, fine.
Leo: What are you getting to be too much of a big shot now to give me a call? I don’t hear from you anymore!
Jerry: Oh, no. I’ve been kinda busy. It’s all.
Leo: You know where I just came from? Danny Barma.
Jerry: Oh, sure. Danny.
Leo: He used to be in the pajama business. I used to be able to get pajamas for free. I used to come over and get pajamas all the time!

Uncle Leo: They give you some portion here, huh?
Jerry: Uh, yeah. Hey uncle Leo, I hope I wasn’t uh, rude to you that day I bumped into you on the street. Uh, I really did have to get to a meeting.
Uncle Leo: Aw, no, no, I understand. I got plenty of friends in showbusiness. I know you’re all very busy.
Jerry: So you found that watch in the garbage can, huh?
Uncle Leo: Yeah. In fact it was right after I ran into you.
Jerry: Oh, heh. You know, a friend of mine has a watch just like that. I’d love to replace it for him as a gift.
Uncle Leo: Well, I haven’t seen too many like these.
Jerry: Yeah, I know. Maybe uh, you wanna sell me that one.
Uncle Leo: Aww, sure.
Jerry: Hang on a second. I got a little proposition for you.

Uncle Leo: Hello, ,hello.
Jerry: Hi Uncle Leo.
Uncle Leo: I just talked to Dr. Denvro’s son. He said they almost had to call the police.
Morty: What are you talking about? I’m the one who should have called the police. They stole my wallet.
Uncle Leo: You know how hard it was for me to get thjat appointment for you? You can’t just walk in on this guy. He did me a personal favor.
Morty: All right, Leo.
Uncle Leo: You walked out without paying.
Morty: How was I supposed to pay? I didn’t have my wallet.
Uncle Leo: Well, I hope you sent him a check.
Morty: What for?
Uncle Leo: What for? This man was nice enough to see you. He did me a personal favor.
Morty: That’s the second time you said “personal favor”. Why do you keep saying that?
Uncle Leo: I said it once.
Morty: Twice! And Dembrowdoesn’t even know you. His son happens to live on your floor.

Uncle Leo: Helloooo!
Jerry: Uncle Leo!
Uncle Leo: Come on in.
Jerry: This is Amy.
Uncle Leo: Hello Amy.
Jerry: Unlce Leo, what are you doing here?
Uncle Leo: Jeffrey went out tonight.
Jerry: Ooh! Very convenient.
Uncle Leo: I’m supposed to tape this nature show for him, he loves nature. Botany, zoology. You know his botany teacher from college stays in close touch with him? They became friends!
Jerry: Oh really?
Uncle Leo: That’s pretty rare! I mean, actual friends! Like equals! They have dinner together, they have discussings…

Uncle Leo: Hear Jeffrey’s favorite animal: the leopard.
Amy: Why is that?
Uncle Leo: He likes the spots.

Marty: So, if you or your wife want to drop by on Wednesday, it should be ready.
Uncle Leo: Your wife?
Jerry: Yeah…my wife.
Uncle Leo: What are you talking about?
Jerry: Uh…I got married.
Uncle Leo: You got married? I wasn’t invited? Nobody sends me an invitation?
Jerry: Well, it was sudden.
Uncle Leo: Are you ashamed of your uncle? Do I embarrass you?
Jerry: No, no, it was a small ceremony.
Uncle Leo: Haven’t I always been a good uncle?
Jerry: Yes, yes, you have.
Uncle Leo: Who told you when you went to school that you print well?
Jerry: You did, you did.
Uncle Leo: When he was younger, he had a beautiful penmanship. I used to encourage him to print.
Jerry: I’m a good printer.
Uncle Leo: I remember your ‘V.’ It was like a perfect triangle. Whoa, there’s my bus!

Uncle Leo: Jerry? Hello.
Jerry: Uncle Leo! Listen, I don’t want to alarm you, but your nana is missing.
Jerry: Nana’s missing?
Uncle Leo: I came to pick her up for a doctor’s appointment, she wasn’t here. I called the doctor, nobody knows where she is. She hasn’t left the apartment in twenty-five years!

Uncle Leo: Ma! Again with the ketchup? Don’t they have ’em in the plastic squeeze containers?
(Jerry knocks)
Uncle Leo: Jerry! Hello!
Jerry: Hello, uncle Leo!
Uncle Leo: What’re you doing here?
Jerry: Nana called me to open the ketchup bottle.
Uncle Leo: Yeah, me too.

Stella: We saw you on “The Tonight Show” last week.
Uncle Leo: I thought Johnny was very rude to you. He didn’t even let you talk.
Jerry: No, no.
Uncle Leo: You need some new material. I’ve heard you do that dog routine three times already.
Uncle Leo: Listen, you should get your cousin Jeffrey to write some material for you.
Morty: What are you talking? Jeffrey works for the parks department!
Uncle Leo: You should read the letters he’s written. He’s funnier than the whole bunch of you!

Uncle Leo: It’s about time you called your uncle. We’ve got to do this once a week.

Uncle Leo: Hey Danny . Hello . How are you?
Postal Worker Danny: Hey Leo . Leo what’s up with your nephew. He wouldn’t except his package.
Uncle Leo: Oh He wants it . He’s just trying to be funny . Yeah I’ll sign it

Uncle Leo: Jerry, hello!
Jerry: So, Leo, how’s everything? You doin’ Okay?
Uncle Leo: I still have the ringing in the ears. Sounds like the phone.
Jerry: Yeah, yeah. But what about money? Are you strapped? Do you need a little?
Uncle Leo: What, are you kidding? I should you loaning you money! …But I’m not.
Jerry: Leo, I saw you in Brentano’s yesterday.
Uncle Leo: Why didn’t ya say hello?
Jerry: Because you were too busy stealing a book.
Uncle Leo: You still say hello.
Jerry: Leo, I saw you steal.
Uncle Leo: Oh, they don’t care. We all do it.
Jerry: Who, criminals?
Uncle Leo: Senior citizens. No big deal.
Jerry: You could get arrested.
Uncle Leo: Arrested? Come on! I’m an old man. I’m confused! I thought I paid for it. What’s my name? Will you take me home?

Jerry: Uncle Leo. Hello!
Uncle Leo: Jerry.
Jerry: Uncle Leo, I’m sorry. I didn’t know about your.. past.
Uncle Leo: You mean my crime of passion? If anyone betrays me, I never forget!
Jerry: Uncle Leo, wait! Hello?!