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Kramer’s Apartment Appearances Over Time

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A large portion of Seinfeld takes place in just a hand full of locations, with probably the most screen time devoted to Jerry’s apartment and the coffee shop. As the seasons progressed and the ‘Seinfeld’ universe was developed, the viewers got more and more chances to see across the hall, into apartment 5B.

Over the entire series, the inside of Kramer’s apartment can be seen in 52 episodes, with the bulk of those appearances coming in the last three seasons (7, 8, and 9). We’ve documented every scene and every item found in Kramer’s apartment, so check that out if you’re into that sort of thing.

Some items were so obscure we didn’t really know what the hell they were, so please let us know if we’re missing something.



The first glimpse into Cosmo’s place was in season 2, ‘The Apartment’. George asks to borrow Kramer’s wedding ring with the hopes that it will help him pick up women. Kramer seems to have an abundance of framed pictures, huh?

the apartment


We don’t get a chance to go inside 5B until the 46th episode, ‘The Watch’. Elaine needs Kramer’s help to to fool her psychiatrist, Dr. Reston, by pretending to be dating Elaine. The apartment is very dimly lit, full of stacks of papers, and features a blue pull out couch.


Throughout the series Kramer’s Apartment goes through some major changes, all the while remaining stocked with interesting items and mementos.

The lighting and ambiance completely changes, shifting from being dimly lit to Kramer redecorating the entire apartment at the end of season 4 in ‘The Junior Mint’…

GEORGE: What’s with the gloves?

KRAMER: Well, I’m staining my floors, y’know, I don’t want to get my hands dirty…

GEORGE: Huh. What, the whole apartment?

KRAMER: The whole apartment. And I’m buying that fake wood wallpaper. I’m gonna surround myself in wood. It’s gonna be like a log cabin. ‘Cuz I *need* wood around me. Wood, Jerry [Snaps fingers]… Wood.

Toss a hot tub in there, an over sized chest of drawers by furniture designer Karl Farbman, countless other items, and you’ve got Kramer’s apartment.

In the end, one could argue that Kramer’s place is nothing more than a solitary man with a messy apartment that may or may not contain a chicken.


The final appearance is in Season 9, ‘The Bookstore’. The opening sequence is a montage of what Kramer does in Jerry’s apartment when he isn’t home. This includes making and spilling a smoothie, using Jerry’s couch cushion to clean it up, riding Jerry’s bike around his apartment, yelling down at people on the street, doing a Jerry stand-up impersonation, redecorating the apartment; and hosting parties.


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